Uyghurs, Khrushchevs, and More

A round-up of my recent blogging on Sources and Methods:

“The Coal Hard Truth,” with Evan Pikulski, February 27, 2017.
History shows China’s coal ban will hurt North Korea.

“Debating the Sino-Japanese Normalization, 1972,” April 3, 2017.
Japanese sources inspire discussion on contested legacies of the China-Japan rapprochement.

“Deng Xiaoping Sees Khrushchevs,” with Sophia Wang, April 10, 2017.
What official Chinese sources say—and don’t say—about the country’s recent history.

“China’s Other Religious Exiles,” April 17, 2017.
In the West, Xinjiang lacks Tibet’s luster. Here’s one reason why.


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