Indexing Zhao Ziyang’s Collected Works

You may have read over the summer that the collected works of purged Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang were smuggled out of China and published in a four volume set in Hong Kong. Chris Buckley at NYT’s Sinosphere covered the story, while the publication of the Collected Works prompted a group of China-specialists at China File to re-evaluate Zhao Ziyang’s legacy. These books are certain to impact the study of the Chinese economy and politics in the 1980s.


The publishers at Chinese University of Hong Kong have released the table of contents for each volume online, but navigating through four separate PDF files can be a bit clunky.

To make life easier, a colleague and I took all of this data and dumped it into an Excel worksheet. So now rather than having four separate indices, we have one comprehensive index, with the added benefits of being able to search for document titles and filter by date more easily.

Document Index for Collected Works of Zhao Ziyang (.xlsx)

If you are an Excel novice, I also saved the index as a PDF file, but you’ll miss out on being able to sort and filter the information by date.

Document Index for Collected Works of Zhao Ziyang (.pdf)

Not all of the dates listed in the index are exact. Some entries in the Collected Works contain multiple documents from different dates; in those cases, we usually just listed the earliest date. In other cases, the editors could not determine the exact date a document was produced, so, in our index, we just listed an approximate date.

It’s also possible there are some typos in the index. If you spot any, please let me know.

The Source:《赵紫阳文集》编辑组 ‘Zhao Ziyang wenji’ bianji zu (Editorial Team for  Collected Works of Zhao Ziyang), ed.,《赵紫阳文集》 Zhao Ziyang wenji (Collected Works of Zhao Ziyang), 4 vols. (Xianggang [Hong Kong]: Zhongwen daxue chubanshe, 2015)


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