‘How To Run a Small Scale Brewery’

You may recall that, in autumn 2015, I wrote about a fascinating Chinese pamphlet from 1958 which celebrated beer and beer making.

To my pleasant surprise, the write up about Zhu Mei’s How to Run a Small Scale Brewery seems to have developed a bit of a cult following. Several months old, “A Microbrewery Revolution in Socialist China” continues to gather more pageviews on a daily basis than any other post on my blog. Every several weeks I get a new round of Twitter notifications that the post is being shared again.

Pages from 123054
Zhu Mei’s How to Run a Small Scale Brewery

I bought the booklet from an online book market and at the moment I don’t see any more copies available. However, due to the interest in Zhu Mei’s advocacy for brewing in socialist China, I decided to scan the pamphlet and make it available to readers. I hope to make use of this text in my research, but others are encouraged to do so, too–please, however, acknowledge the source!

Click here to read Zhu Mei’s ‘How to Run a Small Scale Brewery’ (September 1958)  on the Wilson Center’s Digital Archive.

点击此处阅读由 朱梅编,《怎样办小型啤酒厂》(北京: 轻工业出版社, 1958).



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