CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) Documents on Xinjiang

Without much introduction or metadata, I am sharing around 170 documents on Xinjiang from the CIA Records Search Tool (CREST), at the National Archives in College Park, MD. The collection covers a wide period of time, 1946-1982, and includes all sorts of records (particularly field intelligence and long-form analysis). I have used these, and continue to use these, in some of my research, but in general they are just languishing on my hard drive. CREST is a great research tool but you have to physically go to College Park to use the database, so these files may be of use to people who can’t make the trip.

The rar file is 33 mb. Click here to download the collection.

(I think) you will need a Dropbox account in order to download the file; to open the file, I know you will need to download Winrar, a mostly free archiving software.

Should you happen to use these documents in your published research (and I hope you will), a kind thank you or other acknowledgement will suffice.



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