Reassessing China-Myanmar Relations during the Cold War

photo5An introduction by Hongwei Fan of Xiamen University and a new set of Chinese-language documents on Sino-Myanmarese relations was just published by the Cold War International History Project. I translated Professor Fan’s introduction from Chinese and coordinated the release of the documents.

The introduction juxtaposes common portrayals of China-Myanmar relations as vibrant and exceptional with the mutual apprehensions evident on both sides. It draws on information from three archives: the Chinese Foreign Ministry Archive in Beijing, the Guangdong Provincial Archives, and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Archives.

Hongwei Fan is author of Modern China-Myanmar Relations: Dilemmas of Mutual Dependence  (2012) with David I. Steinberg, the first book-length study examining the increasingly important and dynamic relationship between China and Myanmar. He is Professor at Xiamen University

The e-Dossier and the translations of the Chinese documents can be viewed on the website of the Cold War International History Project, free of charge.


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